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In some instances, a couple trying to achieve pregnancy may opt for a surrogate mother. A surrogate carries a fetus in her womb for 9 months to provide a couple (Intended Parents) with a baby. In the preparation for surrogacy, the surrogate undergoes medical and psychological evaluation.  Then, a meticulous legal process is conducted to draw a legal contract which guarantees that the Intended Parents have unchallenged rights to the child and that the surrogate is relieved of maternal obligations.

Indications for Surrogacy

  • Absence of the uterus (congenital or surgical due to hysterectomy)
  • Abnormalities of the uterus preventing ability to carry pregnancy
  • Female medical conditions that may cause high risk in pregnancy
  • Female age >60 years old
  • Same sex male couple
  • Single male intending to reproduce

Types of Surrogates

Traditional Surrogacy: the surrogate undergoes Artificial Insemination using processed semen obtained from the Intended Father; preparation process is regulated by federal law (FDA); we recommend freezing semen after FDA criteria are fulfilled for future Artificial Insemination procedures.

Gestational Carrier Surrogacy – In vitro fertilization (IVF) is performed to retrieve eggs from the ovaries of the Intended Mother; retrieved eggs are combined with the sperm obtained from the Intended Father; the resulting embryo(s) are transferred to the uterus of the Gestational Carrier; any remaining embryos can be frozen (cryopreserved) and stored for future use.  This type of surrogacy is also regulated by FDA laws.

Finding a Surrogate

Friends or family – Given the high cost of surrogacy, some couples may choose to ask a close friend or relative to be a Gestational Carrier for them. For traditional surrogates, however, family members and close genetic relatives cannot be used.

Surrogacy agency – Most couples looking for a surrogate mother use a surrogacy agency to arrange for a gestational surrogacy. Currently, there are nearly 100 surrogacy agencies operating in the United States. Agencies help couples find a suitable surrogate, prepare the surrogate/gestational carrier medically; complete the legal process; make arrangements between the surrogate and the couple and collects fees between the parents and the surrogate (reimbursement for medical expenses, compensation, etc.).

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