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Sperm Injection

Sperm injection is used in conjunction with in vitro fertilization to treat sperm-related infertility problems. A single sperm is injected into a mature egg and placed into a woman’s uterus or fallopian tube.

Sperm may be extracted by means of masturbation or removed from a testicle through a small incision. Extraction through the testicles is used if there is a blockage preventing ejaculation or if there is a problem with sperm development.


To prepare for the injection and transfer procedure, daily injections are required 2 weeks before egg retrieval. At home, you will inject yourself (or with help from your partner) with a follicle-stimulating hormone called gonadotropin to stimulate your ovaries and produce multiple eggs. This process is known as superovulation. After one week, your doctor checks your blood estrogen levels and uses and ultrasound to see if the eggs are maturing properly. Your dosage during the second week of treatment may change depending on the results of these tests. After full maturity is reached, eggs are collected using laparoscopy or needle aspiration guided by ultrasound.

Using high amounts of magnification, the egg is held in place by a glass tool. A microscopic glass tube containing an extracted sperm is used to penetrate the egg and deposit the sperm. After staying in the lab overnight, the eggs are checked for signs of fertilization. When it has been determined that the eggs are properly fertilized, the embryo is placed in the uterus by way of the cervix. Remaining embryos can be frozen for future attempts.  

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