Success Stories

Success Stories


gennifer nicholas 15My husband and I always wanted a family of our own, however in 2003 I had a tubal done after my second child was born. After hearing that our chances were 1/300 to get pregnant if we did reversal we decided it was best to choose in vitro. We met with the staff at Reproductive health and Fertility clinic and were so happy that they could help us complete our family. In December 2013 we began our new journey to become parents again. We were so nervous as to what if it wouldn't take. On Valentine’s day we received the greatest news!. We were expecting. We were so excited to have a new edition soon. We had multiple doctor appointments since my two previous children I was high risk with. I developed placenta previa and was on bed rest and restrictions majority of our pregnancy. In October 2014 our baby boy Jaxson Alexander arrived. He weight 7#12oz and was 21.5 inches long.. He is now 14 months old and he is such an amazing little man.. He surprises us every day with so much love and laughter.  We're so happy that we chose the perfect clinic to help us with our new family. We hope that we can return for a second chance and hope for another successful story. -Gennifer & Nicholas


Experiencing infertility is difficult.  For us, and many other couples, it was an emotional time filled with difficult decisions.  When we came to RHFC, Dr G very clearly explained things, including what options we had.  We appreciated that the doctors at RHFC were very accessible to us, which is not how some other clinics operate.  The staff at RHFC was very supportive, friendly, and great to work with.  We were kept aware of the status throughout the process and received timely responses to questions.  
We were blessed with our sweet baby girl this year and could not be happier.  

- Anonymous


carrie and joe gulliamsAt Reproductive Health and Fertility I do not consider them a doctor’s office; they are family because they care like family. This has been the most important factor for us through all of our ups and downs with starting a family.  It’s was very scary and overwhelming when we were faced with deciding to pursue help 5 years ago.  For us, we weren’t sure how far we were willing to go to start a family or even knew what options we had. We were scared that whoever we saw would push us in the most expensive direction or the fastest one to get us on our way. This couldn’t have been further from our experience. Dr Graczykowski and all the wonderful people here are very kind and sensitive to what we are going through and we have felt like a team every step of the way. Our best decision was to give them a try and just sit down and talk with them.

From our first consultation it has been full disclosure on what options we have and how effective they could be for us. We have always appreciated that Dr. G. doesn’t “beat around the bush” as my husband puts it. Dr. G has always conveyed his medical knowledge in a way we understood so that we can make the most informed decision for us. And if we still struggled to understand, he is really great at drawing diagrams! We have had some tough hills to climb from hospital stints to pregnancy losses and we have never been alone. Whether it’s Dr. G or Shelly by my hospital bed or Deana and Liz checking in on me to see how I am recovering, we have been a team. Dr. G and his staff have never filled us with false hope, but instead with a sincere promise to do everything they can to help us have a baby.  They have delivered on that promise and I believe more.

Through our treatments, Dr. G isn’t the only one rooting for us. There are so many people that make a difference in our experience and each one of them has touched our lives in an impactful way that will always make us feel grateful for this place. In these last 5 years, we have been through a long struggle to start a family and I couldn’t be more thankful that our journey included them by our side.

- Carrie and Joe Guilliams


My husband and I were referred to the Reproductive Health and fertility Clinic five years ago. We had tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant on our own for a year. The first day we met Dr. Graczykowski we were scared but hopeful. From day one we felt very comfortable with the entire staff. We felt safe to ask questions, express our concerns, share our hopes and also our tears. Our road to parenthood was not easy. It was long and filled with medications, procedures, and often heart ache. But through it all we felt supported and hopeful. We always felt like the staff cared about our success and shared in both our joys and grief. We never felt like "just another name on the chart...", instead we felt like people who were cared about. When we got good news, we could see the happiness on the faces of the staff. And when we got bad news, we felt empathy and compassion. Through everything we had the best treatment possible. We completely trusted the decisions made regarding our care and felt like we were in excellent hands. A year after we first walked into Reproductive Health and Fertility Clinic, we became pregnant with our son. He is now three years old and is the answer to many prayers. He brings so much joy to our lives and we cannot thank the staff at the Reproductive Health and Fertility Clinic enough. Without them we might not have ever become parents.

Epilogue... Two months ago we welcomed our second child thanks to the help of Dr. G and his staff. Our beautiful baby girl is a miracle. We are so Thankful for the care and support we were given. Our two beautiful children are the greatest blessing we could ever have asked for.

- Anonymous


We decided to start a family in 2010 and after a four year journey we were blessed with Sawyer in June of 2014.  We began with our Obstetrician and after several unsuccessful Intrauterine Inseminations we knew we needed assistance from a reproductive expert to achieve pregnancy.  We tried another facility and two providers before finding a home with The Reproductive and Fertility Center.

We felt welcome by the staff who embraced our lifestyle, safe and confident in their ability to get us pregnant.  It was truly a journey that they traveled with us every step of the way through multiple transfers, retrievals and a loss. When we thought hope was lost, they encouraged us not to give up. The support and encouragement of the staff are the reason we continued with a second retrieval and ultimately achieved a pregnancy and Sawyer.

Words cannot begin to thank the staff for all that they did for us. They made us feel comfortable during a time that was scary for us. Dr. Graczykowski is a great doctor and we are so glad that they were the one to help us achieve our goal of adding to our family. The staff is amazing.   All of them made us feel comfortable and important! We will never forget what you were able to do for us.

- Shiana, Theresa and Sawyer



kammiWords cannot express how grateful we are to caring staff at Reproductive Health and Fertility Center. My husband and I tried for nine years to have a baby. After five years, we sought help at Reproductive Health. It was four long years before we actually got our miracle, but we didn't give up, and neither did the staff at Reproductive Health. They met us where we were, and were willing to take on tough cases like ours. They understood the emotions a person goes through during this process, and were kind and supportive. Dr. S created a treatment plan that addressed the specific needs of our situation.  He always explained our options and would make sure we understood and were comfortable before moving forward.  Tracy, our nurse, was always there with an encouraging word and hug when needed.  Heidi, the IVF Nurse Coordinator, was always accommodating, and would go above and beyond to help create a schedule that worked best for your needs. Kevin in the business office, helped with insurance questions and claims processing. It took four long years to finally get our miracle. There were a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows during our journey, but the staff at Reproductive Health were with us every step of the way. Don't give up; surround yourself with the support of experts who can give you your best shot at becoming a parent. We are so happy to have our daughter. We would go through the long process all over again, because she is worth it. Thank you, Reproductive Health, you have been a blessing to our family.



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